The common interests of Peebles & Smith, LLC's client base allows our team to focus on key issues.  For example, transportation policy and funding are critical to a large majority of the entities we represent.  We have been engaged by several of our clients to protect and enhance the financial position of the State’s Transportation Trust Fund. This past year, we worked to secure funding for the completion of the coast to coast trails project ($50 million) and a 50 percent state match ($10 million) for local "quiet zones." We continue to work through a coalition of transportation interests to break through numerous constraints created by the state’s debt policies.

At Peebles & Smith, we work to support efforts by the Florida Urban Partnership to advance the state’s investment in Florida’s intermodal transportation system, including recommendations by the Florida Seaport Transportation and Economic Development Council.

We also coordinated a two-year legislative effort that culminated in the approval of a comprehensive package for Central Florida Commuter Rail, with William Peebles serving as the leader for a coalition of government relations and regional interests. Additionally, we are presently engaged in efforts to provide dedicated funding for the governments that support SUNRAIL.