Local Government

Our representation of several of Florida’s largest cities and counties and multiple local government statewide associations, including the Florida Association of Counties, the Florida League of Cities, and the Florida Municipal Electric Association, allows our professional team to establish relationships with future state and federal officials at a very early stage of their public service careers.

Be it county, city, dependent or independent special districts, Peebles & Smith, LLC's team specializes in representing individual local governments on a variety of issues. Our firm has been exposed to almost every potential issue confronted by local governments, including, but not limited to, local bills, claims bills, transportation policy, appropriation requests and administrative actions.

It is this experience and exposure to state and federal policy impacting local governments that gives our team of professionals the chance to develop unique approaches to problem solving. Our firm has initiated and coordinated many new projects for local governments that had never been done before; we create new game plans and oversee projects as they develop.