Environmental Policy & Infrastructure Investments

Peebles & Smith is on the cutting edge of state and federal environmental policy and funding priorities. Our professionals provide expertise, experience and strategic insights for our clients in the arena of environmental policy, while at the same time driving the budget process to support funding for oil spill restoration efforts, conservation of environmentally sensitive lands, parks and green space, water quality and water supply, stormwater, wastewater collection and treatment, and beach renourishment.

Likewise, our professional skill sets allow us to help clients in a variety of settings including the legislative policy arena, Cabinet level decisions, agency administrative policy and rulemaking, as well as pursuing specific grants for projects or permitting approvals.

Highlights include our team’s role as coordinator for Florida’s counties federal advocacy efforts of the RESTORE Act of 2012. The eventual passage proved to be an unprecedented exercise steering BP fine dollars back to the affected local communities. No less significant is the team’s role as advocate and strategic advisor to the Trust for Public Land regarding the implementation of Florida’s recently approved Amendment 1.

Additionally, the firm has advocated successfully for the passage of legislation allowing reclaimed water to be eligible for alternative water supply funding, and has assisted in the acquisition of surplus state property to be used as a community homeless shelter and empowerment center, and obtained over $100 million in state funding for the Keys’ wastewater collection and treatment infrastructure.