Founding Principles

Since opening our doors in 1995, Peebles & Smith, LLC has worked under four Founding Principles - a dedication shared by each team member that allows us to generate exceptional results for our clients.


Providing high-level client representation in Florida's Capitol for more than 30 years, our firm's team members pride ourselves on our intricate knowledge of the issues and providing thoughtful and thorough information to policymakers for our clients.  We believe that in a community that is as small as the Sunshine State's policy making elite, a reputation for honesty is earned with hard work and dedication and we are committed to working honestly for our clients.

Work Smart

We pride ourselves on our reputation of delivering outstanding services, even in the most complicated of situations.  We believe that each client has political assets that can translate into their own, unique success.  And, at Peebles & Smith, we are creative and conscientious about identifying and leveraging those assets - whether it is a client’s importance to the locale or to the state, its political prowess, campaign assets, or personal relationships, we will strategically and intelligently utilize every resource available to help our clients succeed.

Work Hard

Every firm member is thorough, dedicated and focused on achieving the desired outcome for each client. We understand that every issue our clients bring to us is important to their success and; therefore important to our success. The product of our diligence is long-term loyalty from clients who benefit from the results our team provides by working hard and in their best interest.

Personal Contact & Communication

Our clients can expect timely, informative communication during each phase of an engagement, including a thorough discussion of goals and desired outcomes, a realistic assessment of prospects, and open discussions about the costs and benefits of each potential course of action at each major decision point. Our team members balance personal ownership with professional objectivity to give each client unparalleled representation.  We believe communication is key to meeting our clients' overall goals and objectives.